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For other philatelic sources visit these Web Sites:

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For information about Great Britain's stamps and postal information select Royal Mail, Post Office Archive and National Postal Museum. Why not explore Bath Postal Museum?
See the ABPS, and NPS websites supporting philately in the United Kingdom, and the The Royal Philatelic Society site.
Check with the UK's Philatelic Traders' Society for a list of dealers and their stock.
Stamp Fair and Auction Diary Guide to Fairs and Auctions.
For infomation about what's on in the UK try The Stampshows Website as well as the HPF Local Events page.
This portal set up by The Royal Philatelic Society of London, the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington and the American Philatelic Research Library provides a central gateway to a number of sites for philatelic research.
Online British postal resources 1798-1920 are available on the GBPS website which also has a useful download section.
This is a Canadian collector's view of Machins.
For more GB look at Collect GB Stamps.
Look at GB FDC Collectors and GB Smilers Sheets.
For GB Postal History and stamps from earliest times to date, also fine stock of philatelic literature, check out Bill Barrell.
For the Hampshire postal historian HPF is pleased to host online images of the Winchester Postal History Reference Collection.
Just starting out, or returning to the hobby? Try these links: The Digital Philatelist: Exploring Stamps; Introduction to Stamp Collecting; or check out: Stamp Domain for many useful links.
Various Magazines: Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Stamp Magazine and The Postal Gazette.
Various stamp forums: STAMPBOARDS.com
Support our local dealers and those supporting Hampex.
County Auctions Dauwalders of Salisbury
Paula Cant Stamps Allstamps Rushstamps
Stanley Gibbons Cavendish Auctions Southampton Philatelic Auctions
John Kinnard Stamps Albany Stamps Phil-Index
Mark Grimsley 'The Magpie' (Bill Pipe) Solent Stamps
Look at the EXPONET Virtual International Philatelic Exhibition to see some top class philatelic exhibits from around the world.
For all sorts of World-Wide philatelic information look at the Philatelic Collections in the British Library.
Go to Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia for a vast array of links to valuable and interesting resources.
Thematic collecting (also known as Topicals) is a great way to get into stamp collecting.
Start with the British Thematic Association. Check out the American Topical Association. You should look into Stamp Printing across the world and Stamps Featuring Ships.
Explore Aerophilately through The British Air Mail Society, the American Air Mail Society (AAMS) and Aerophil.
The The Wreck & Crash Mail Society site contains very useful resources about air, ship and rail wrecks and interrupted mail, as does Brian Peace's website.
Look at The TPO & Seapost Society which is all about the postal history of handling mail at sea and on the world's railways. Its site has a links page relevant to this large collecting area as well as many articles about Seaposts and TPOs in many countries by way of introduction to these topics.
See Marcophilie Le Havre which illustrates marks from this famous French port.
The following excellent site by the WORLDWIDE SOCIETY OF RUSSIAN PHILATELY includes aspects of railway mail, as does the PHILATELY OF LITHUANIA site.
Explore Postal History via UK's Postal History Society.
The British Postmark Society covers a wide variety of topics from the perspective of British Postal Markings.
For military postal history see the Military Postal History Society, and the Forces Postal History Society.
For Postal Stationery look at The UK's Postal Stationery Society site.
For information about United States stamps look at Linn's Stamp Weekly and the Scott Catalogue
This American Philatelic Society site contains links to many US societies including the Virtual Stamp Club. See also the American Stamp Club of Great Britain.
For your American Dealer in Britain see Stephen Taylor.
The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society is relevant to stamp collectors and postal historians, and has a link to the Ships List.
The US Postal Service is here: US Postal Service.
Have you wondered about those strange codes on covers from the USA This is a PostNet sorting code ? To decode USPS Postnet bar codes and more see the Internet Online POSTNET Barcode Decoder by Douglas Quine.
For information about plate numbering on coiled stamps see the Plate Number Coil Collectors Club
For information about Auxiliary Markings visit the Auxiliary Marking Club pages for US and other markings.
View The Siegel Encyclopedia(c) with useful introductions to all major U.S. stamp issues, census information and illustrations for 24 of the rarest U.S. stamps.
Go to Frajola's Board For Philatelists and see some outstanding postal history exhibits as well as in depth analyses.
The United States Stamp Society has lots of good information including research papers and reprints of articles.
Visit the Smithsonian National Postal Museum and view their online exhibits.
Also look at Jim's United States Stamp Album, Collectors Weekly and La Posta.
For Canadian interest look at the The British North America Philatelic Society or our own Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain. Finally, check out the Canada Philatelic Specialists site.
Learn all about Meter Franking in the UK (UK Meter Franking) and the USA and Canada (Meter Stamp Society)
Here is the New Zealand Society of Great Britain site. For Australia refer to The British Society of Australian Philately (BSAP) site and the Australia Resource Page. See also, Tasmanian Philatelic Society. Visit PAPERSPAST for digitized New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. The collection covers the years 1839 to 1945. Also, TROVE for Australian newspapers, books, journals, photographs, letters, and more digitized by the National Library of Australia.
If Islands are your thing, then check out The Channel Islands Specialists' Society, followed by the Ascension Island Post Office, and the Island of Saint Helena.
Check out the British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group and British West Indies Study Circle
In the Pacific there is the Kiribati and Tuvalu Philatelic Society and the Pacific Islands Study Circle.
Look at the Stamp Albums Web for Album Pages.
For Philatelic Literature and accessories see PRINZ/Vera Trinder, or H H sales, Bradford. Investigate the Philatelic Bibliopole of Leonard H. Hartmann and see Philatelic Literature News from James Bendon.
Try Phil Bansner's Web Site & Online Ordering System with a wants list registration and notification service.
Robert A Siegel’s annual RARITIES OF THE WORLD™ sales have brought to auction the largest number of philatelic rarities ever handled by one firm. Thousands of items across a wide range of categories, along with descriptions and prices realized from every Rarities sale, may now be accessed from the Siegel website free of charge. It is an unparalleled resource for all philatelists.
Worldwide Public Philatelic Auctions by Charles E. Cwiakala - auction agent
Stamp Auction Network access to a number of major auctions via a single site
Jim Forte's Worldwide Postal History
Just Links - Try Them - Lots of different interests represented
Gibraltar Historical Stamps archive World Online Philatelic Agency Scotia Philately
The Stamp Directory of France Stamps for sale GB Resource Postage stamp stock photos and images
The Letter Box Study Group Midland Philatelics Ltd Poppe Stamps
Latin American Philatelics
Philatelic Database   Klassische Philatelie
  Stamp listing Philatelic Portal  
War Covers  
Universal Postal Union

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