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The extensive reference collection assembled by the Winchester and District Stamp Society was offered as a gift to the Hampshire Record Office. The collection is available to anyone wishing to consult it at the Winchester address given at the foot of this page as well as via this website.

How to access the display via this website:

The collection consists of some 256 items mounted on numbered sheets. The collection may be followed in that (somewhat chronological) order from this link and the connecting Next Page link at the top of each page.

The collection has also been arranged in pages grouped into sections. These may be accessed by the links in the list below, and followed by Next Page in Section links at the bottom of each page.

Note that each page was scanned with high definition and is therefore large and it is recommended that you view the collection using a broad band connection.

The list of section headings is as follows, click live links to see initial page:

Most of the sheets are scanned at 800 dpi but not all, and the text of letters which may be of interest to postal or local historians has also been scanned. It should be noted that there is a gap in the archive, sheet numbers 72 to 99 are missing and these were apparently 'lost' from the archive a number of years ago.

The reference collection was scanned and made available by Roger Harris. If you have any queries please contact Roger by email via the website editor using the 'Air Mail Letter' button below.

To arrange access to the reference collection please contact:
Hampshire Record Office
Sussex Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8TH
tel 01962 846154, fax 01962 878681

The images of the collection pages were uploaded during January 2019.


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