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Penny Post of Andover

The purpose of the Society is to research all aspects of postal history related to Hampshire. A Society Journal is published quarterly, the latest edition may be viewed on our Publications page.

It is the intention of the Society to hold regular meetings throughout the County, allowing Members to discuss their interests and research. For the latest details refer to our Events page.

curved postmark of WINCHESTER

A curved postmark of WINCHESTER 54mm. m/s X Post and a charge of 5d for unpaid postage to Devon.

The objective of the Hampshire Postal History Society is to bring to light all types of Postmarks from the earliest time until the present day and record any new items that are to be found. Our Compiler is keeping a record which is available to all members at the cost of printing, binding and postage.

We also appreciate the historical aspects of postal history, such as the long letter from Bishop Milner of Winchester to Lord Clifford at Ugbrook, illustrated nearby.

If you believe that you have some unusual postmarks or instructional marks or even a general collection of Hampshire Postal History, why not become a Member and share your knowledge. Perhaps you will learn more about your own collection. Your collection is important to you, it could be extremely important to the Hampshire Postal History Society. See our Membership page.

It does not matter where you live in the United Kingdom you can still become a Member of Hampshire Postal History Society. There is always room for more knowledge!

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